– 13 days. Why Flamengo doesn’t answer to journalists?

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13 days. Why Flamengo doesn’t answer to journalists?

We have 13 days since the terrible tragedy that permeated Brazilian Football. But so far Flamengo insists on not speaking and doesn’t answer the questions that the journalists want and need to do.

Why so much delay? Why not hold a press conference and be able to answer the questions that need to be asked and deserve to be answered by club professionals?

There are, in this period of time, only press releases no right to the answer or a questioning to be given to press professionals. Why?

It’s obvious that throughout this history, Flamengo is not the only guilty, even because there are parts of the responsibility that deserve to be shared with public authorities such as the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro and the Fire Department, but the club is the main responsible in this situation.

As a great club that is, with the tradition and the history that it has, the most popular team in Brazilian Soccer Club needs, even by obligation, not only your supporters but with the public, answer the questions that the press, since that fateful February 8, want to do.


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