– How good to watch the Santos made by Sampaoli

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How good to watch the Santos made by Sampaoli

Yesterday, we watched one more great performance of Santos team, conquering a fair 3-0 victory over Guarani on Pacaembu.

A very offensive team, who seeks to reach the goal every time. The Peixe, how the Santos is known in Brazil, event not being so dominant during the First Half, was very well on the Second Half and can build a sure victory.

The great names of Santos yesterday were Jean Mota and Carlos Sanchez. Another player who also acts very well when it’s needed is Derlis González, but I am not just talking about his pass gave to Rodrygo in the third goal, it’s more than that.

And Cueva, as incredible as it may seen, he has been having regular performances and starting very well at the club. Cueva can be an interesting midfielder to Sampaoli.

By the way, how good to watch the Santos team made by Jorge Sampaoli.

In a era of defensive football in Brazil, closed and weak of though and offensive proposals, The Santos of Sampoli are creating different situations, enjoying attacking, search the goal all the time and, the most part of the times during the game, they are finding and shows, until now, good performances.


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