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RANKING SHOWRADIOS ARGENTINA: Play Sonico is the most listened to in the country in August

By adhering to the new ranking of rankings, not only in general, but also by country, ShowRadios.com discloses the most listened to radio stations in Argentina on the portal in August 2017.

The survey was conducted during the period from July 1 to August 31, 2017. The ranking takes as an analysis the accesses to the exclusive players of each radio in the portal.

And the exclusive pages are offered and made available to the group in the list of radios, a complete guide for radios from around the world registered in the ShowRadios.com. “The survey is done on the basis of the statistical systems of” Jet Pack “and” Google Analytics “, to obtain accurate data on the total access of the reader and user of the portal”.

Below you can see the 20 most played radio stations in Argentina on ShowRadios.com through your links.


Position Radio Views
1. /webradios/por-segmentacao-4/america-do-sul/argentina/play-sonico/ 34(56,67%)
2. /webradios/por-segmentacao-4/america-do-sul/argentina/the-musical-box-radio/ 9(15,00%)
3. /webradios/por-segmentacao-4/america-do-sul/argentina/feeling/ 3(5,00%)
3. /webradios/por-segmentacao-4/america-do-sul/argentina/radio-boedo-88-1-fm/?ap=a 3(5,00%)
4. /webradios/por-segmentacao-4/america-do-sul/argentina/frecuencia-zero-fm/ 2(3,33%)
4. /webradios/por-segmentacao-4/america-do-sul/argentina/the-musical-box-radio/?ap=m 2(3,33%)
5. /webradios/por-segmentacao-4/america-do-sul/argentina/la-radio-fm/ 1(1,67%)
5. /webradios/por-segmentacao-4/america-do-sul/argentina/radio-boedo-88-1-fm/ 1(1,67%)


At the beginning of October, a new study will be launched based on the survey carried out in the period of August 2017. And also the rankings of the positioning of the radios by each country.

Does your favorite radio not appear in this investigation? Then, she encourages listeners to accompany her through her exclusive player at ShowRadios.com. Call everyone, friends, family, all the audience to listen to the radio that you are a fan, the more accesses to the page / exclusive player, the better the positioning of your radio.

If your online radio is not touched, update our technical support information.

You can also register your radio, it’s fast and it does not take more than 5 minutes. We wait for you here.


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